Alkeus Pharma to Present Data at the 2010 Conference on Clinical Research for Rare Diseases

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (August 30, 2010) – Alkeus Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel treatments for blindness, announced today that it will present some of its preclinical data at the Conference on Clinical Research for Rare Diseases on Tuesday September 21, 2010 at the Bethesda North Marriott, Bethesda, Maryland. This one day event will focus on panel discussions and poster presentations by experts on conducting clinical research in rare diseases.

"We are pleased to present some of our preclinical results at the Conference on Clinical Research for Rare Diseases", said Leonide Saad, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Alkeus Pharma. "Although each orphan disease taken individually only affects a limited number of patients, in aggregate, nearly 10% of Americans are affected by one of these diseases. Clinical development for orphan conditions has always presented several challenges, and this conference certainly helps diverse communities of scientists and industry leaders meet to discuss their experience and interest in the field".

Alkeus Pharma will present one poster comparing several potential clinical approaches for the treatment of Stargardt’s disease, also known as juvenile macular degeneration. Stargardt’s disease is the most common form of genetic macular dystrophy and is believed to affect approximately one in 10,000 individuals in the United States. Another poster will highlight preclinical results of ALK-001, Alkeus Pharma’s lead compound, for the treatment of Stargardt’s disease.

About Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, Inc – Alkeus Pharma is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing new treatments for blindness. Its lead compound, ALK-001, was specifically developed to treat Stargardt’s disease. Orally delivered, the compound is designed to slow the formation of toxic pigments in the eye called lipofuscins, which are believed to be partially responsible for visual deterioration. By slowing lipofuscin formation, ALK-001 has the potential to halt visual loss in patients with Stargardt’s disease and dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). For more information, please visit

About the Conference on Clinical Research for Rare Diseases – The 2nd Conference on Clinical Research for Rare Diseases organized by The Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network & the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program, will be held on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at Bethesda North Marriott, Bethesda, MD. The full day program includes a series of short lectures with ample time for questions and discussion, plus panel discussions by expert researchers in rare diseases. For more information, please visit

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