Leonide Saad, PhD - President & Chief Executive Officer

Leonide Saad Dr. Saad founded Alkeus Pharmaceuticals with the goal of developing sight-saving, transformative medicines for the most serious and untreatable causes of blindness. Prior to Alkeus Pharma, he was partner in a boutique life sciences management and consulting firm in New York City, providing business and strategic guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. He was previously at Proteus Venture Partners, an early stage, California based venture fund focused on stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Saad holds a PhD focused on tissue engineering from MIT, a certificate of Financial Technology from MIT Sloan School of Management, a MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, a BS and MS in Applied Mathematics from University of Paris VI, and is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, with a concentration in organic chemistry and physics.

Ilyas Washington, PhD - Scientific Founder

Ilyas Washington Dr. Washington is the co-founder of Alkeus Pharma. He was previously Assistant Professor at Columbia University Medical Center in the Department of Ophthalmology. His research has focused on understanding how unavoidable environmental phenomena such as light, gravity, magnetic fields and diet influence and dictate human health on a molecular level. His group uses this knowledge to better understand the origins of disease and design future medicines. Dr. Washington has published in the fields of ophthalmology, biology and chemistry, and has been featured in several articles for his thought-provoking scientific ideas.

Dr. Washington holds a PhD in organic chemistry from UCLA and a BA in chemistry from Bard College. He completed postdoctoral work at Columbia University and trained under the mentorship of Koji Nakanishi, Nick Turro (Columbia University), Ken Houk (UCLA) and Hilton Weiss (Bard).